The universe is made of tiny stories, and so are we.

Our stories brought us to where we are today. How will they help us move ahead?

My Persona works with organizations to create high impact leader talent pools. We work with individuals to help them rediscover themselves and write the story of their future by asking “What kind of leader do I want to be ?"

Transformations can come only from insight. Through our process of reflection, leaders understand themselves better, and focus on spotting opportunities and take charge to get there. 


Helping Organisations create Differentiated, High-impact Leaders

Building a leadership talent pipeline is a strategic priority for most companies. Developing High potentials who enjoy raising the bar for themselves on a daily basis, and are part of the A team.

What if one could combine that drive with a leadership edge that is unique to each person? What if one is able to make fundamental shifts in certain self-limiting belief systems? What if each person could position themselves on a differentiator, that came from a deeper understanding of one’s own core offerings? With the My Persona program we can make it happen. We believe that with this distinctive positioning, each leader will have that edge to become an architect of their organisation’s success. 


My Persona - Our Story

My Persona was born out of the passion of two people, Anita & Supriya, to create a unique transformational process that would help people express their Differentiated Leadership.

While working in the corporate world, they excelled in building brands and people. Now, they bring together their collective experience of working with businesses, people, brands and communication, through My Persona.


"We have been impressed with My Persona’s uniquely designed program and delivery which has enabled our Senior Leaders discover and establish sharp connect with their individual unique strengths and embark on action plans for effective play in organization’s growth plans.
Both Anita and Supriya have engaged deeply with our senior executives on a personal one on one basis and imparted skills to help them achieve the above objectives. Their decades of experience in brand positioning as well as the insights that they have shared on ‘Leadership have been well received by all who have attended these programs... "

 Anand Talwar, Senior Vice President, Talent Management, ITC Infotech.